The Inside Scoop On KC

Hi! I’m Kadasjah Cochran, also known as KC from time to time. I’m from Detroit, Michigan;Linwood area to be exact, but I now reside in Lathrup Village. I’m currently a freshman at the #1 public university in the United States; the University of Michigan. I love to shop but I don’t like spending my own money(the family is the plug). I enjoy listening to Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B for the most part. My favorite artists are Young Thug and Drake and I call them artist instead of rappers because they can do any genre and make it into a hit; we can debate on this. I love food and eating, I think many can agree with me on this one. My favorite foods would have to be Alfredo pasta, Philly cheese steak, and boneless chicken wings.  My most favorite thing to do above all is to simply talk about sports, that’s why I’ve decided to major in Sport Management and I might declare either Entrepreneurship or Business as a minor. With my degree, I would like to become a General Manager or Vice President of Operations for an NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLB team. This is just the basics that I think someone should know about me if they are reading my blog. Enjoy!